Here are Some Answers to Your Questions

Wood Wick Vs. Cotton Wick

When it comes to choosing your wick there are a few differences between wood + cotton. A wood wick is more of a sensual burn. It has a soft, soothing sound and doesn't put off as bright of a glow as it has a lower flame. Our Cotton wicks are a high quality cotton wrapped paper core for a clean, easy, and traditional type of burn. The wooden wick requires slightly more maintenance.

Burn Time

Our 10oz candles burn for approximately 60 hours if burned correctly. It is never recommended that you burn a candle for more than 4 hours at at a time but that you burn your candle for at least an hour at a time so that it can create an even burn and not tunnel in the middle. 

Wick Trimming

Once your candle has cooled down, or before you light it it is recommended that you trim either your cotton or your wood wick to 1/4". If your wick is already only a 1/4" make sure to clean the black charry part off of the wick to avoid black marks on your jar. Don't remove all of the tip as then your candle won't light easily. To trim your wick it is recommended that you use a Wick Trimmer. Scissors can be used but aren't as easy to get down into your jars.

Wet Spots or Frosty Look on Your Candle

These are NOT flaws in the candles but natural characteristics of pure soy wax and is actually a testament to the lack of paraffin and preservatives in soy candles. These spots can also occur depending on the temperature in the air. After shipping they may occur as the weather fluctuates. Neither of these characteristics, in any way, affect the scent throw or burning properties of the candles. 

Wax Melts

We recommend using a plug in Wax Warmer for your melts. It can either plug directly into the wall or have an electrical cord. Please exercise caution when using these. Though there is no open flame the warmers can still become hot and the melted wax is also hot. You may increase the scent by adding an additional cube and if you find the scent too strong you can cut the square in half. They are customizable to the size of space as well as your personal preference. 

Finished with Your Candle?

When your candle has burned all the way through and there is only a small amount left (approximately 1/4") you may put the jar In the freezer for an hour. When it has been an hour take your jar out and let it sit for 5 minutes. Take a flat long object such as a butter knife and put it around the edge of the wax and pop it out. It should come out cleanly and you can use it as a wax melt. Or just simply toss it and reuse your jars. I love seeing ways you repurpose your jars. Send me a photo of your repurposed jars to wyldflowercandleco@gmail.com


Safety Tips

  • Please do not leave candle burning unattended.

  • Keep candles out of the reach of small children and pets.

  • Always burn on a heat resistant surface.

  • Do not touch or move candle with visible (liquid) hot wax.

  • Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents, and ceiling fans to minimize smoking or a wick blowing out causing the candle to burn unevenly.

  • Make sure candle is completely extinguished and the wick no longer glows before leaving the room.